Take a peek inside Blue Origin’s new Shepard crew capsule



Take a look inside the capsule of the Blue Origin New Shepard team. Credit: Blue Origin.

Blue Origin founder Jeff Bezos offered a look inside the capsule New Shepard, the suborbital space travel vehicle. He released some images illustrating what the flying experience might have been like on board.

"Our new Shepard flight testing program focuses on demonstrating the performance and robustness of the system," Bezos said in an e-mail statement. "In parallel, we have been designing the inside of the capsule with an eye towards precision engineering, safety and comfort."

The interior has six seats with large windows for a great view of our planet.

"Every seat is a window seat," Bezos said.

What looks like a console in the center of the capsule is actually the exhaust engine to protect future passengers from any anomaly during launch. Unlike the Apollo exhaust system that used a "tower" exhaust engine located at the top of the capsule to "pull" the crew cabin from a failing reinforcement, the New Shepard exhaust system is mounted Below the capsule, A potentially explosive enhancer. Blue Origin successfully tested this escapes engine in October 2016 during an in-flight test.

The Blue Suborbital rocket bears the name of Alan Shepard, NASA's first astronaut who took a suborbital space voyage in 1961. His orbital rocket will be called New Glenn, named after John Glenn, the First American in orbit. Blue Origin is also developing a larger rocket to bring payloads beyond Earth's orbit, and have named that vehicle after Neil Armstrong, the first human to walk on the moon.

A view of the interior of the capsule of the team of New Shepard of blue origin. Credit: Blue Origin

Blue origin has not yet launched a timeline of when its first paying passengers will be flying; All that Bezos has said is that he hopes to fly as soon as possible.

The trading company describes the experience this way:

After an exciting launch, it will rise more than 100 km above Earth, beyond the internationally recognized boundary of space. You will help to extend the legacy of space explorers who have come before you, while pioneering access to the space frontier for everyone.

Sitting on top of a 60 foot tall rocket in a capsule designed for six people, you'll feel the engine blazing and roaring beneath you as it rises through the atmosphere. Accelerating by more than 3 Gs to faster than Mach 3, you will be counted as one of the few who have gone these speeds and crossed into space.

Blue Origin announces the view of the New Shepard capsule as "the largest windows in space". Credit: Blue Origin
"We are building the Blue Origin to sow a lasting human presence in space, to help us move beyond this blue planet that is the source of all we know," Bezos said in the press release after a press release . Successful test flight of the New Shepard rocket in 2015. Our fantastic team in Kent, Van Horn and Cape Canaveral is working hard not only to build space vehicles, but to bring closer The day when millions of people can live and work in space " .

The Blue Pen Black Logo logo on the New Shepard rocket is "a symbol of flight perfection," says founder Jeff Bezos, and "flee with grace and power in its functionality and design."

Her bike, "Gradotim Ferociter" is Latin for "step by step, fiercely." Bezos has said that it is how they are approaching their targets in space flight.

More information about the blue origin "Astronaut Experience" on its website.

If you are lucky enough to attend the 33rd Space Symposium in Colorado Springs from April 3-6, 2017, you can see the New Shepard capsule by yourself. "The high-fidelity model will be on display along with the reusable New Shepard reinforcement that flew into space and returned five times." Bezos said.

The Blue Pen Black Pen logo on the New Shepard rocket is "a symbol of flight perfection," says founder Jeff Bezos. Credit: Blue Origin

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