French Scientists are Providing Volunteers $17000 to Lie in Mattress for Two Months and Do Nothing



French scientists are searching for members who’re match and wholesome and prepared to lie in mattress for 2 months. The 24 candidates elected will obtain $ 17,000 every and will probably be requested to spend 60 days in mattress with out leaving.

"The idea of ​​the study is to produce the weightlessness of the International Space Station (ISS)," said Dr. Arnaud Beck, who is organizing the experiment, counted 20 minutes .

"Throughout the first two weeks our scientists will do an entire sequence of exams and measurements of the volunteers.This will probably be adopted by a interval of 60 days throughout which they need to stay in mattress, head barely tilted down To lower than six levels. "

This seems like an ideal job for the potato sofa, however volunteers ought to be non-smokers and don’t have any allergy symptoms. The physique mass index of volunteers ought to vary between 22 and 27.

The experiment, known as "Cocktail", will assist researchers discover the reply to this intriguing query. What occurs to the human physique in microgravity circumstances of house?

People develop to thrive beneath gravity, so publicity to weightlessness in house can have some presumably unfavorable unwanted side effects on the physique. As astronauts spend all their time in house floating and with out the downward drive of gravity, their physique works significantly much less. It might result in muscle deterioration, weak point in immune defenses and so forth.

The research consists of two phases. The primary section will happen between January and April, whereas the second section will begin in September and finish in November. Individuals will probably be supervised by 16 European groups of scientists and their elementary physiological parameters will probably be measured between and after each phases.

"Beneath these particular circumstances, the cardiovascular system is affected, it’s now not in a position to present the identical Stress earlier than departure or earlier than mattress relaxation," Beck mentioned.

The research is not going to solely assist researchers higher perceive well being dangers beneath microgravity circumstances, but in addition allow them to discover a technique to handle these issues.


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